All About Emily


Emily is a highly-motivated individual with an extensive and wide range of skills. Her specialties include: wedding and hallmark event planning, social media marketing, and developing business and marketing plans for small organizations or events. She has excellent technological and communications skills, and is rumoured to be romantically involved with Twitter.

Emily’s a life-long crafter. She’s been teased for having a black belt in hot-glue and being a “master-maker”. Sewing, felting, quilting and polymer clay sculpting are amongst her many crafting pursuits. Cross stitching is a newer passion of Emily’s. Nothing is safe from Emily’s crafting ways: furniture and household goods are easily macgyvered into something new (and occasionally glittered).  An avid DIYer, she’s starting to create her own online tutorials in hopes of sharing her crafty knowledge. As a firm believer that the world needs more artists, and does her best to motivate and inspire everyone she meets.

Emily’s also a natural green thumb. She’s fond of her garden, and tries to maintain a healthy cellar filled with the fruits of her labour all year round. Heirloom food preservation, seed harvesting, and canning are skills she’s fond of sharing with others.

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