Breaking Bad Wedding



The Breaking Bad Centennial Team!

The Breaking Bad Centennial Team!

A few months ago I lead a team to participate in the CSE 2014 Toronto show in a table design contest. As a participant we were directed to write an article that would be published on their website. This is a copy of the submission the team co-wrote.

I’m very proud of how the space looked once assembled. A lot of hours and thought went into each detail.


Svitlana and Michelle after assembling the canvas backdrop!

Article submitted to Canadian Special Events

The Centennial College Event Management Post Graduate students were ecstatic to compete in the Canadian Special Events Table Design Competition. Choosing the “Breaking Bad” theme based off the television show where a chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer starts cooking crystal meth to provide for his family, the table design took great deliberation and creativity.

Under the direction of Creativity teacher Penni Holdman, the six team members, Emily Cocarell, Erin Wilson, Lisa Henry, Tetiana Fesenko, Svitlana Nechyporenko, and Michelle Poirier, first had to decide if they wanted their table décor to be “inspired by” or be a literal translation of the television show.

By choosing the “inspired by” option they had more functionality of the setting and was able to create a more intriguing design then if they recreated a literal translation of the television show.

Once agreeing that it should be “functional first” the team needed a concept to build the theme around.

“In our imagination we decided that it should be an elegant wedding for two chemistry teachers,” said Emily Cocarell, team lead. “In our minds eye they met, fell in love and started dating during the first season of Breaking Bad. Their relationship grew during the five seasons of the show and has always been a Sunday night tradition in their home.”

By including touches of the show in the décor of the table they tried to subtlety incorporate the theme; without alienating those who haven’t seen the show.

Working as a team the Centennial College Event Management students rose to the challenge to complete an elegant table setting.



Blue glassware and medical tools were chosen to meet the drug aspect of the show.



Duct tape rosettes were handmade by yours truly! (NB manicures and duct tape do not go hand in hand!) Tetiana did an amazing job tying and pinning the sashes!


Medical trays acted as a way to contain the glass rocks and candles. three kinds of glass, rocks and sand were used. The bell is an homage to the show; also useful if the happy couple need some encouragement to kiss.


Glass beaker with faux risen beans. Neon fixture in the IV tube. glass fixtures for beakers.


Centerpiece was a pot of faux lily of the valley, with glass pipettes, four kinds of blue glass, rocks and blue sand, beakers with faux reisen beans and glass science equipment


small medical tray held glass ashtray with four glass pipette’s. a cactus shaped margarita glass with tiered candles and blue rocks and sand.


Additional meal requirements; blue ceramic salt and pepper shakers, medical bottles with olive oil and vinegar, and sugar bowl featuring stevia packets. Menu options featured things like: Los Pollos Hermanos’ Chicken Parmesean, and Better Call Saul-isburry Steak:


Beakers were various colours of blue liquids


place settings around the table



Around The Table:      Eyelash, Tiffany Blue Cover and Sky Blue Satin Tablecloth

Chairman Mills:          Four mirage chairs.         Backdrop

Display Connection:                Rigging for backdrop, Lights, Coloured glass and Mirrors

Additional items were collected by team members at local restaurant supplier shops, second hand stores and medical supply shops.



IV bag was filled with blue energy drink. the IV tube was filled with a blue filament light, the centerpiece glows in dim light.