I've Been Hooking!

I’ve Been Hooking!

So lately I’ve been busy rug hooking…
(My brother told me not to tell “The Internet” that I’ve been Hooking lately, but I can’t help it).

I inherited a ton of yarn from my no-nonsence-nana and I’m trying to reclaim the floor to the Dreamatorium.
I had to stock up on a bunch of the grid material… I blew through the 3 meters of it that I’d lucked into… This stuff is very hard to work with… My hands look like i’ve been wrestling with a cat… Bloody and scratched to Shit. But the plus side is that my knuckles have finally begun to get calluses (gross but necessary)!

My forearms don’t hurt so much since I upgraded to an ergonomic hook (from Micheals…) and I’m not getting red marks on the inside of my palms anymore… (I was told that I looked like a nun caught me stealing)… The new hook seemed lame because I have so many ridiculously lovely antique hooks with wooden handles… But now I dont know if I could go back.
Have you noticed that hooks and craft supplies seem to multiply? I keep finding them in weird places… like one appeared at the bottoms of a purse I thought was empty)..

Anywhoo here are some photos of the rugs I started recently…
I have 3 finished and for sale… tonight I hope to finish one more… and then sell them at Ransack The Universe (1207 Bloor St West, Toronto)…

I refer to this one as the “pantone rug” It’s made out of pre-cut yarn and gumption. 
I started hooking this giant green rug… I’ve used over 24 packages of green yarn and I ran out without finishing it… I’m waiting to fall into more yarn before i finish it (there’s no way I’m going to pay full price for more…)

 This is a t-shirt rug… I cut up old shirts I got at an #UberSWAP and hooked it… I really like the texture of the t-shirt rugs! They weight a ton and are really hard on your forearms… really nice finish to them though.

I painted the rugs with Rug Backing… It’s very white… It makes everything very pearly looking once its dry… Its mandatory for any rug… I’d hate to make a death trap.

I love this glue!
i should buy stock in it! it’s pricy but goes a long way!