Matchbook Madness

Matchbook Madness

I’ve been trying to do more papercarft and somehow ended up playing with felt and sewing more then usual… (I’m crafty ADD!)

I found my matchbook collection a few days ago and thought I should add to it.

I splurged at the local craft store… I got the fancy Fiskars Ulitamte Control Pricision Knife (Love it!) and stocked up on some Elmers Rubber Cement and some cardtock… (I also had some nice left over paper in the beautiful junk drawer…)

Hrm. I doubt you can see the pencil marks… I need a better camera.
I traced the pattern on the carstock…

Cut it out using the Fiskars and a ruler… I didnt have my cutting mat with me, so I used a year old People Magazine as a cushion…

(This photo makes it look a little lethal… It was staged poorly… I usually craft semi safely since I’m paranoid about hurting myself)

I always try and double the paper so I save on my two-for-one cutting effort.

I improvised on scoring the paper too.
I used the broken cap of a gel pen to bend the paper ove the end of the ruler.
There are a lot of teeny folds in the match book bottom.
Presicion is key.

I glued the inside tabs of the bottom and let it air dry.
I love rubber cement. It’s exceptionally forgiving.  You can leave it to dry, forget about it for hours; and come back to it without any major fallout.

Once the bottom was made; I cut the strip of paper for the cover by essentially rolling and marking each side of the bottom… leaving an extra flap of paper for the tab to glue…

There should be 4 folds on the cover. You don’t have to be too precise on this (unless you use gingham  or a pattern like I did)…

I busted out my heart and scalloped punches and popped some decorated options…

I’ve got a lot of fancy paper in the beautiful junk drawer… so I might get a bit crazy with this…

I booby trapped this box… I know whom I’m gonna give it to later!